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Electric Noir is a post-apocalyptic role-playing exploration of transhumanism set in a cyberpunk dystopian Neo-America (NeoAm).

After "The Event" in the late 21st century war erupted across the globe. Nations fell, billions died. Two hundred years later, a few countries have almost recovered.

Nano-Augmentations (augs) are changing how humans live their lives in NeoAm. The blind can see, the deaf can hear, the mute can speak, almost anything is fixable or improveable in this new age.

Yes, augs have improved society greatly. However it has also improved crime. The police force is over-worked and under-staffed. You play as a bounty hunter tasked with hunting down augmented criminals and bringing them to justice.

Use clues to track down criminals and bring them to justice all while unlocking a noir story centering around NeoAm, Augs, and the truth behind "The Event".

Install instructions

Extract the zip file to a ElectricNoir folder somewhere on your pc and then run the ElectricNoir.exe to start the game!


electricnoir-release-win64-alpha.zip 55 MB